Study Abroad and Off-Campus

Global citizens.Dartmouth’s curriculum reaches far beyond Hanover. Travel abroad or off-campus to earn Dartmouth academic credit, study other cultures and disciplines in depth, and gain new global perspectives.

Off-Campus Programs

Dartmouth offers dozens of programs world-wide led by Dartmouth faculty and managed by the Off-Campus Programs Office.

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Language Study-Abroad

Language Study Abroad (LSA) and Advanced Language Study Abroad (LSA+) programs take you deep into the culture of the language you are learning—alongside Dartmouth classmates and faculty.

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Foreign Study Programs

Foreign Study Programs (FSPs) transform the Dartmouth experience, taking it into the heart and home of a field of study: theater in London, environmental studies in southern Africa, or biology in Costa Rica.

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Exchange programs allow you to spend a term enrolled at one of Dartmouth's partner institutions from Seoul to Milan, San Diego to Atlanta.

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Transfer Term

The transfer term process allows up to four credits from an approved institution that is not part of a Dartmouth-run exchange program to be applied to your Dartmouth degree.

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Internships & Fellowships

From building language skills to working abroad, Dartmouth offers meaningful opportunities for international internships and fellowships.

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