A Flexible Study Plan

The D-Plan:Pick a term, any term. With Dartmouths distinctive year-round system, you customize your own academic calendar. Dartmouth offers four 10-week terms per year; within some guidelines, you choose which 12 terms to enroll. The result: the ability to take full advantage of all Dartmouth has to offer, no matter the season.

A Flexible Study Plan

A Plan for Everyone

No matter what your major, and whatever engages you outside the classroom, the D-Plan's flexibility means you don't have to choose between your on-campus commitments and the opportunity to work, study, or serve off-campus and abroad.

Your D-Planis your personal enrollment pattern, your own mix of academic terms in residence, enrolled off-campus, and on leave.

Sophomore Summer

Rising juniors are on campus together taking a full slate of courses during the summer following their sophomore year.

Leave-term learning

Use the entire year to your advantage—gain work experience in an internship, volunteer on a service project, or conduct field research. A number of Dartmouth programs even offer funding for leave-term opportunities.

Off-Campus Programs

Take your education on the road with Dartmouth's extensive selection of language and topic-focused programs around the world.