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Faculty and Staff

Get information about changes in work due to COVID-19.

Workplace Expectations

  1. All faculty and staff are urged to takebasic preventive measuresto avoid exposure to or infection by the virus causing COVID-19.

  2. All faculty and staff are required to follow workplace policies established to support the wellbeing of our community. Please review and adhere to all workplace policies including theFace Coveringpolicy,Travel Guidelines, andComing to Campus.

  3. Work on-site requires approval aligned to the establishedReopening Levels. Those faculty and staff working remotely are expected to continue to do so unless granted explicit permission to work on-site as part of an approveddepartmental reopening plan.

  4. All on-site employees must complete a health screening each day they are scheduled to report to work on-site.Visit the Temperature Self-Assessment siteto check in. Those who regularly report to work on-site, and those who have a high level of interaction with students and staff while on-site, will be tested weekly. Others will be tested less frequently. SeeTesting & Healthregarding the Health Screening Guidelines.

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Dartmouth places the highest priority on the health, safety, and well-being of our community, while protecting the continuity of academic programs and essential services. Dartmouth workplace policies will be updated as circumstances related to the COVID-19 virus change. Faculty and staff should continue to check this page for updates. Dartmouth's priorities in setting these workplace policies are to:

  • Maintain a safe and healthy workplace, including minimizing the transmission of contagious disease;

  • Sustain academic programs and operational continuity;

  • Encourage a culture of fairness, open communications, and concern for the well-being of our faculty and staff.

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Students on Dartmouth campus

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Teaching Remotely

From getting started and good practices, to Zoom and 24/7 support, find help and guidelines for how to teach from anywhere.

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Potential Additional Policy Changes

If public health conditions worsen, Dartmouth's workplace policies may be further amended. This would be done to address the effects of more widespread illness or absences, more frequent needs forself-observationorself-quarantine, disruption of care arrangements or Dartmouth's priorities for pay continuity. Faculty and staff will be notified as promptly as possible of such changes.

Ongoing On-Campus Protocols & Health Info

Get more details about coming back to campus, travel (personal and Dartmouth-sponsored), on-going testing and health, and the phased reopening plan.