Coming to Campus


Any student returning to or arriving at Dartmouth during the 2020–2021 academic year will be expected to follow Dartmouth's quarantine and testing guidelines.

Because of the close personal interactions that are unavoidable on Dartmouth's campus, such as students living in residence halls, researchers working in labs, and students and employees working together in the classroom, Dartmouth has established quarantine and testing guidelines that at times exceed those prescribed by the state of New Hampshire.

In addition to these guidelines, all students must adhere to Dartmouth's Community Expectations for the academic year 2020-2021, which include穿着脸部覆盖物,身体疏远, and cleaning and hand hygiene expectations. Visitors are not allowed on campus withoutspecific authorization.

Contact theDartmouth College Health Servicewith questions about quarantine and testing if you've been in close contact with a person positive with COVID-19, or if you develop symptoms.

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Undergraduates Living in On-Campus and Off-Campus Housing



Our one-weekpre-arrivaltesting process for undergraduates approved for on-campus enrollment begins on Jan. 4.


所有抵达校园或其他地方的本科生都将使Leverone Field House成为他们的第一次停止arrival testing. Students will test again on days three and seven of arrival week, and twice weekly thereafter.


所有本科生,无论他们在秋季或12月休息期间生活,都将参加arrival quarantine.

While waiting for initial test results, students living on campus will remain in their rooms with meals delivered to their residence halls.



Students may be released from quarantine as early as day eight if their day seven test is negative. Students who test positive or who are identified as having had contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 will be placed in temporary isolation or quarantine housing.


Academic buildings, the library, Collis Center, Alumni Gym, and other College facilities will open on a limited-access basis the week of January 25 when the fullarrival quarantineperiod is over.

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Graduate and Professional School Students

All graduate and professional school students must go through the following quarantine and testing process.


Graduate and professional school students arriving from outside of New England and who have signed up for a pre-arrival test kit should take their test as close to their departure date as possible, allowing at least three working days to receive their result. Once the test is taken, students should limit their contact with others and may not depart for Dartmouth until they have received a negative result. The Health Service will be in touch with any student who has a positive test result to discuss isolation requirements and when and how the student may travel.


  • All students living in Tuck residence halls on campus must quarantine in their residence for 10 days upon arrival to campus, regardless of whether or not they have traveled outside of New England.

  • All graduate and professional school students living in off-campus residences, including Sachem Village, South Street, and North Park apartments and arriving from outside New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, must quarantine in their residence for 10 days after arrival and follow theCovid-19旅行和检疫要求他们在上层山谷的居住状态。

  • For students living both on and off campus, the 10-day quarantine period can be shortened bytaking a molecular (PCR-based) teston or after day seven as long as they continue to be symptom free and their test result is negative. They may not end their quarantine in fewer than 10 days unless they have received a negative test result.

  • 所有抵达校园或上山谷的研究生和专业学校学生都将使Leverone Field House他们的第一个停止测试。学生将在第三天和七天再次测试(根据测试可用性尽可能接近这些天)。学生应该schedule their testin advance to ensure availability.

  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center(DHMC)指导允许医疗学生使用与Dartmouth不同的标准向DHMC报告临床旋转,但医学生仍然希望遵循DARTMOTH和DHMC之外的国家检疫指导。